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Are you...

You want to know how much your property is really worth - not an inflated price to win your business. For a fair valuation of your home, and an interested buyer who's looking for it, ask us.     

Instead of wasting your time traipsing from house to house or viewing dozens of flats that start to all look the same, browse our website to get an idea of what’s available and come in for a chat with our team of enthusiastic sales people. 

Whether you are a commercial or private landlord, you can rely on our high professional standards and years of letting experience to advise you on the choices open to you and help you avoid the pitfalls of this complex market. We ensure your lettings run smoothly and your rents are collected on time. 

Good value and no hassles.  Open lines of communication and swift attention to maintenance issues.  An efficient and friendly service - and a rental property that is just what you want in a lovely village.  You’ll find it here.

Are you looking for…

Since our estate agency opened in 1989 we’ve offered sound, professional advice based on a wealth of local knowledge. Repeat clients and personal recommendations attest to our  quality of service and competitive rates. 

When you’re enthusiastically looking for a new place to live and anticipating a new life, you want an energetic sales team that is excited on your behalf.  Our sales people have been with us for many years because they love this business and are good at it.  They’re determined to find the right buyer for your home and the right home for every buyer.

When you’re selling we tell you who’s looking at your property and what they thought.  When you’re buying we let you know what’s available as soon as it’s available – sometimes before it goes on the open market. You can choose e-mail, telephone, text, or letter, but you won’t be left wondering what’s going on.

...Big Chains, Big Offices, Big Commissions?
Sorry, we can’t help you there.

If you’re tired of hyped up prices and indifferent service from bored sales staff, stop by our office and meet us.  We take a personal interest in every sale and every purchase.   Ring us on xxx-xxxx or click

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