Appropriate prose

If you'd rather take photographs, draw pictures, complete your degree, run your business, or do anything but write, I'd be delighted to hear from you. Say exactly what you want without toiling over the text.

Corporate & web writing

Writing for international corporations, small businesses and charities has taught me what works and what doesn't. I'll work with you to get your message to your customers, and keep your website up to date so that message is always fresh.

Creative writing & poetry

Writers love words: reading them, writing them, revising them. Authors love stories: creating characters, crafting plots, watching a tale unfold and take unexpected directions. Poets, like musicians, weave together sounds and rhythms to give expression to experiences (real or imagined).

You can commission a bespoke story, poem, play, or speech to mark a special occasion or as a thoughtful and unusual gift.

Spend your time on what you do best

Perhaps you'd rather spend your time on other things. I wouldn't. Contact me.

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