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Creative Writing

If you have an occasion to celebrate - anniversary, birthday, promotion, retirement, graduation, anything - send me the subject and as many details as you can. Together, we'll craft a unique poem, speech, play, or story with the guest of honour as the star.

Perhaps you have something more serious to say, or a tricky business letter to write. Let me help you find exactly the right words.


Our Church Bells are Out of Tune is an excerpt from a fictional short story that grew from a couple of sentences suggested to the author.


True stories are often more compelling than fiction. A simple visit to rural France sparked the prize-winning Blown Away for travel website The Good Life France.

Champagne Lifestyle recalls the IBM Basingstoke Golf Society's trip to the Champagne Region of France.

Speeches and Scripts

I adapt stories into dramatic scripts for stage, screen (big or small), or radio. I also convert technical information into presentations and speeches that keep audiences captivated.


The story is yours. I'll help organise and write it, but your name goes on the cover.

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