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Sometimes only a poem will do to set a mood, record an event, or celebrate an occasion. Poems, like music, take many forms: couplet, sonnet, free verse, silly, serious, humorous, long, short. One will be perfect to express your thoughts.

Light verse

Poems can take you anywhere. Visit our skies on the night of the Perseid Meteor Shower, or go Wandering to another universe.


Haiku are sometimes underrated. Being short doesn't make them less poetic:

When a butterfly
struggles to leave the cocoon
its wings become strong.


Commission a bespoke story, poem, play, or speech to mark a special occasion or as a thoughtful and unusual gift. Patti's Poem celebrates one woman's retirement in 2000 (note the price of coffee!). Details of her career and her fondness for jazz were captured in a few lines.

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